Peacebuilding with Heart, Humanity, and Hope

How much courage does it take to leave everything you have ever known, everything you have worked hard to accomplish, and walk across countries or even continents in search of a better life? Yet, some of us do.

How many of us would open our homes to total strangers, people who may not have bathed for days, people who do not have shoes or untorn clothes? How many of us would give them a clean towel, point them to a shower, or give them a bed with fresh sheets to rest in? Yet, some of us do.

How strong must our faith in ourselves be to start businesses, learn new skills, sometimes in a foreign language, or to love anyway in the face of xenophobia or racism? Yet, some of us do.

With hearts full of hope, we are bringing our whole selves to peacebuilding because we believe that a world without violence is possible. 

Working together, we can bring more emergency relief in the form of food packs, clean water, hygiene products, and blankets to more people. 

We can train more war affected youth in tech and business skills so they can help their neighborhoods repair and rebuild in the aftermath of violence and start more businesses, so hunger doesn’t drive people from their communities. 

We can hold more dialogues with those different from ourselves to heal what divides us.

Let’s do the work of peacebuilding with heart, humanity and hope. Never has it been so necessary to do.