Waging Peace Through Sustainable Agriculture

At Preemptive Love, we know that the seeds of war are planted long before conflict erupts. In our work to end war, we’re investing in agriculture projects that literally wage peace around the world.

Join us on May 26 at 2pm EDT for a virtual panel event as we discuss the intersections of sustainable agriculture and peacemaking. Hear from Preemptive Love team members as they share about innovative projects that emphasize sustainability, restore land, and help people reclaim their lives.

Read more about our agriculture projects around the globe:

On Earth Day, A Chance to Heal the Land & Hearts of Refugees

Today we picked up shovels to make a 100-year investment in our refugee friends and the land they now call home.

Planting the Solutions to End War

To end war, we have to set our sights on the climate-caused problems that lead to war.

War Unmakes the World Long After the Fighting is Done

The cycle between environment factors and conflict can be broken and the environmentally damaging legacy of war can be reversed.

Seeds of Hope on the US-Mexico Border

Growing tomatoes in a rooftop greenhouse at a shelter for asylum seekers in Mexico, is a sustainable solution to income and food.