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The Love Anyway podcast

pushes beyond fear, beyond the simple narrative of “us vs. them.” Travel with us as we explore how people are choosing to love, even when it means risking everything.

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Love Anyway

INTRODUCTION JEREMY: When we seek a pound of flesh because they took a pound of flesh, we really embed the next conflict in what we’re doing today. But when we give people dignity and humanity… (Show Notes)

Love Anyway

INTRODUCTION AFNAN: Civil wars don’t just start out of nowhere. Take this as your responsibility to end hate that may lead to war. ERIN: “It could never happen here.” It’s a common sentiment—or maybe a… (Show Notes)

Love Anyway

Showing up on the frontlines where you live is a phrase we use often at Preemptive Love. And in this special episode, we ask: What does it look like to put our bodies on the line in the US today? In the midst of a wave of protests sweeping all 50 states, and on at least four continents, declaring the truth that Black Lives Matter, we have a chance to make our presence matter. (Show Notes)

Love Anyway

In season four of our Love Anyway podcast, we hear from people around the world who push us to see our neighbors—and ourselves—in new ways. From peacemakers in Atlanta to friends receiving emergency food in Venezuela, the real voices on these episodes allow us to experience new ideas and perspectives, all without leaving our homes. (Show Notes)

Love Anyway

What does empathy have to do with emergency aid? In this final episode of Season 4, Erin Wilson, podcast host and senior field editor, sits down with Jessica Courtney, Preemptive Love's vice president of international programs, for an honest look at what they've learned about themselves as they've cared for others. (Show Notes)

Love Anyway

Ahmaud Arbery’s life is more than a hashtag. The story is all too familiar—men and boys losing their lives for no other reason than that they are Black. In this special episode, we hear from Toni, Preemptive Love’s director of gathering, and her husband Sam Collier about their lived experiences as African American peacemakers living in Georgia, the very state where Ahmaud was murdered. Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, the Colliers act as candid guides helping us confront the violence in our own hearts. (Show Notes)

Love Anyway

We’re looking ahead. Because when all of this is over, we’re going to run hard toward gathering. We need each other. We hear from Vjolca Capri, who gives her first-hand experience of attending a Love Anyway Gathering. As a hijab-wearing Muslim woman, she wasn’t sure what to expect when she attended one. What she experienced surprised her. (Show Notes)

Love Anyway

Remember when we used to eat together? In this episode, we travel everywhere from Atlanta to Iraq for a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s like to gather around the table with strangers. War begins in our heads and hearts long before it reaches our hands. But that also means the solution can begin with us. And sometimes, healing all that’s tearing us apart starts with a meal. (Show Notes)