Peacemaking & Pride

Watch Peacemaking & Pride, featuring B.T. Harman, Ryann Bradford, and Nigel Darius.

In honor of Pride Month, Preemptive Love’s Generation Peace is sitting down with Ryann Bradford (Bradford Botanical & Co., Atlanta), and B.T. Harman (Blue Babies Pink) for a conversation around orientation, identity, and acceptance. Learn how to create care-filled communities, and extend invitations to those who long to make peace within the spaces that they occupy.

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Ryann Bradford


Ryann is a wife, a mother, an entrepreneur, former athlete, and a Texan-turned-Georgia-peach. She believes in designing spaces that we don’t have to escape from. Ryann is the owner of Bradford Botanical & Co., where she provides people with high-quality plants.

B.T. Harman


From Florence, AL, all the way to Atlanta, B.T.’s story has touched the lives of millions of individuals. On his podcast Blue Babies Pink, he shares his journey of discovering who he was, amidst the trying tensions & challenging times of growing up in the south. B.T. is a husband, creative consultant, and storyteller who teaches how to navigate the difficulties of life with diligence.

Nigel Darius


The next generation matters most to Nigel. He looks for ways to partner with those for the sake of peacemaking. Nigel’s day-to-day includes custom-made playlists, multiple cups of coffee, and the finest foods that he can find (and afford, ya know?). Creativity and communication keep him going, and he believes in using those two gifts to give back to others.

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