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a family

It can start with seeds planted deep into the Syrian soil. Or mushrooms grown in the safety of a family’s home. Or livestock that restore more than income—they restore a family’s identity.

For years, Syria has been lost in a struggle of power and bombs—a never-ending conflict that began with a drought that felled livestock and laid waste to once-vibrant farmland.

We can renew the earth after war. We can plant more than seeds—we can replant families, bringing them home, bringing them back to who they were before the war. Before they were refugees.

Crops, mushrooms, and sheep give families the means to provide for themselves again—not just a source of food, but a source of stability. Income they can use to send their children to school—to dig in and stay, rather than give up and flee.

A war that began with drought can end with a harvest.

$35/month can provide seeds for a family to replant their farm and start rebuilding their lives.

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a house

It can start with windows and doors. Restoring homes in some of Aleppo’s hardest hit neighborhoods is a first step to bringing whole communities back to life.

Every pane of glass, every doorway secured, every kitchen and bathroom refurbished gives one more family what they need to come home, so they can start rebuilding the rest of their life.

The generators we power just down the street are lighting the way back for even more families. Now businesses are starting to return—and with new businesses, even more families come home.

Just blocks away, it’s a different story: empty streets, desolate buildings. But here, what was once rubble is now barber shops, markets, vegetable stands, and tea stalls. Children play in the streets again. Men and women greet each other. Families can dream about more than just survival.

We’ve already repaired 50 homes in this neighborhood—according to local officials, we’re the only ones with permission to work here. In the months ahead, we’ll repair 50 more. Then another 50. And another. As long as you keep showing up, we’ll keep repairing homes—and lighting the way back to Aleppo.

$2,000 can rebuild a house in Aleppo. Contribute toward the goal today.

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a family’s health

It can start in a hospital where moms who survived unimaginable violence now bring life into the world, remaking hope.

It can start with refurbished clinics like the ones we’ve opened all over Iraq. We are first in together—sometimes even before the government is able to go and restore healthcare. Because we know families can’t wait until everything is stable again to get the care they need.

It can start with doctors and nurses who are local enough to reach patients at home where they are, rather than waiting for the need to reach them.

It can start with dedicated health professionals teaching girls that they are strong, that they don’t have to marry as children, that their brightest future is in a classroom—and with teaching boys that “a brother is a supporter, not an oppressor.” That when women are empowered, everyone rises.

When families have what they need to be well—close to home and not miles away—when girls have what they need to be safe, then whole communities can thrive again.

$25 can provide 10 women the opportunity to escape violence and start a life free of fear.

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the future

It can start with a classroom in Mosul, with students who lost their education and identity to ISIS. Where every day now, they walk across a makeshift bridge from the ruins of the Old City—to become the next generation of tech leaders. To take back what was ISIS tried to destroy.

Young refugees and survivors of war don’t want handouts. They want opportunities. We can give them the chance to work anytime from anywhere, with just a smartphone or a laptop—overcoming barriers that have held them back for so long.

At our WorkWell campuses across Iraq, we can equip the next generation with high-demand skills they can use now—as coders, designers, freelancers. We can provide opportunities they cannot access anywhere else.

We can be their village. We can jump-start their future. We can take WorkWell deeper into Iraq—and even Syria—giving young people a chance in the very places where extremist groups prey upon the lack of opportunity.

We can be their opportunity.

$100 can provide the desk for a student to have their own space to learn and grow into the entrepreneur that can rebuild a community.

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a career

It can start when we step across the threshold, sit down with our refugee friends, drink endless cups of tea, and dream about the future together—a future that doesn’t have to wait until the dust of displacement has settled.

We can help hundreds of refugees start their own businesses. As big aid groups pull out of Syria and Iraq, we can dig in and give these families what they need to take back control of their lives.

We can help them leverage one successful business to launch another, so they are less vulnerable to changes in season or circumstance. We can help women discover their own calling, as many of them use their earnings to help their husbands start businesses of their own. Women empowering men empowering women.

Many of these families have no real way home. But with each new business, we can transform a colorless refugee camp into a vibrant, flourishing new home.

We can build a future that lasts.

$1,000 can provide the startup costs to transform a refugee into a business owner.

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We can remake home in 2019.

Give now to repair bombed out homes in Syria. To help displaced farmers bring their fields back to life. To open medical centers in former ISIS strongholds. To protect women and girls from exploitation. To help young refugees access a world of opportunity without leaving home.

This is how we’ll remake home in 2019. Together. Make your tax-deductible, year-end gift today.

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