On April 27, 2019, we will be running in the Rock ‘N’ Roll Race Series in Nashville, Tennessee with the Preemptive Love Coalition Run Anyway team. We are raising awareness and funds for refugees in Iraq and Syria who have been displaced by years of violence and war.

Twenty years ago and one year into our marriage, Angie and I set out to live in Aleppo, Syria. During our two years there we we fell in love with the Syrian people, the food and the culture. We experienced the loss of our first born and the hope that comes with a new life. Join us this year by sharing your treasure with our friends in Syria and in Iraq who are clinging to hope and remaking home.

By sponsoring our race, you are helping to replant families, repair houses, restore health, restart careers, and renew the future for families in Syria and Iraq.

Thank you so much for joining us in choosing to love first and run anyway. Together we can help those who have been running from violence finally come home.

$967 of $1,000 goal