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Download the media kit to get started.

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Visualize Your Love

In the media kit you will find:

  • Custom Facebook #ShareYourLove profile frame and cover photo
  • Instagram and Facebook photos
  • Photos and designs for Instagram stories
  • The Frontline video for Instagram stories or share for all other platforms

Lift up Your Voice

Using the imagery in the media toolkit, tag @preeemptivelove in your social posts and use the #ShareYourLove hashtag. Here are a few questions and prompts as ways to spark discussion online. We want to hear from you!

  • Why do you give to Preemptive Love?
  • How are you bringing peace to your community?
  • Share the blog posts that resonate with you the most. Add your own words so your family and friends can hear you uplift the displaced and war-torn in Iraq and Syria.
  • Wear your Preemptive Love gear and post a photo on social media!

After sharing what personally moves you in your caption, call your community to action with one of these phrases that best fits your voice:

Get Offline and Talk to Your Frontline!

Talk to your family and friends this month about how you’re showing up for war-torn families in Iraq and Syria. Here are some ideas:

  • Host a mini photo exhibit and dinner in your home.
  • Speak at your place of worship or workplace.
  • Invite your friends to visit a mosque with you.
  • Share stories of the work you’ve made possible—choose the ones that inspire you most.

We’d love to hear about your conversations or even your personal story of how you became connected with the work. Email Brooklyn or post in The Frontline Facebook group to share your experience with the team!