We’ve encountered hundreds of families on the run from unimaginable violence in Honduras and Guatemala. Almost all have had one idea in mind: put as much distance between violence and their family as possible.

These families have overcome various roadblocks before their journey comes to an abrupt halt at the US-Mexico border. Some stay in Mexico waiting for an unknown future, others are given the right to pursue Asylum in the US, and others give up and return home.

You are showing up:

  • With desperately needed aid in Mexico as families decide how best to care for their families on the run.
  • In El Paso for families who have been granted the right to seek asylum. Most families enter the US without money, friends, or family.
  • In your local communities choosing to Love Anyway with donations, travel backpacks, volunteering, and support.

$24 provides the basic needs for one family upon arrival in the US

$40 provides a 2-day stay including food & supplies for the onward journey

$50 provides clothing and toiletries for a family living in Juarez, Mexico for one week