Small Sacrifices Fundraiser

P  A  U  S  E

When you press pause on one part of your life you can save a life, whether it skipping out on lunch, cancelling your Friday night plans, or just logging off of social media. You can share your passion for saving lives by telling the world you are on pause.

$12 Provides a family a package of diapers and formula
$35 pays for emergency medicine for 10 people
$50 can feed 5 families with hot meals for 1 week

Would you like to receive a free button as you are on pause? Send an email to with your name and address and Small Sacrifices will send you this button!

Download the following photos onto your phone or computer and let your friends and family know that you are on pause for a good cause! Please see the photos below, feel free to post them on facebook, instagram, twitter etc.