Preemptive Love’s Generation Peace is back this month for another episode of Speak Your Peace: Mental Health Advocacy and Suicide Prevention. 

Join us on September 29 at 7:00 pm EDT as we host Tevin Lucas, the founder of The Hope & Love – a non-profit devoted to helping advocate for mental illness, and Vjolca Capri, graduate degree recipient from Yale & Harvard, and now Director of Mental Health Services at Total Wellness Clinic. 

Tevin and Vjolca will bring their unique stories and insights on how we can advocate for those struggling with emotional stability, support those dealing with mental illness, and create healthy boundaries for ourselves to sustain our thoughts and emotions during such trying times.

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Speak Your Peace is an inclusive space created for young adults and college students. We educate, equip, and empower our community of peacemakers by having hard conversations that lead to unity and understanding surrounding a multitude of topics.

We’ve talked about topics like anti-racism and activism (with Danielle Coke), Pride Month & LGBTQ+ related issues (with Schuyler Bailar – the 1st transgender D1 athlete), and this past month we examined how filmmaking and crowdfunding can lead to social impact and awareness (with Chris Temple & Zach Ingras). In honor of Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (September), Generation Peace will partner with a panel of advocates and experts concerning mental health and suicide awareness prevention.

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Tevin Lucas

founder of the hope and love

Tevin Lucas is the founder of The Hope and Love non-profit. A non-profit focused on suicide prevention and mental illness awareness that has reached over 500,000 people worldwide. Tevin is a former NFL hopeful from Seattle, WA, whose life was changed by a career-ending injury in college that left him paralyzed from the right knee down for 2 ½ years. Tevin has taken adversity head-on since a young age battling poverty, family illness, abuse, and so much more. He uses everything that he has been through in life to inspire and help others that find themselves in these types of situations, letting them know there is hope. He now lives in Nashville, TN with his wife Morgan and travels speaking at schools, churches, and many other events.

Vjolca Capri

Director of mental health services, total wellness clinic

Vjolca Capri is the Director of Mental Health Services for Total Wellness Clinic. Her presence radiates a palpable passion for helping struggling adolescents and young adults discover how they could be living their best life. Having grown up balancing a tightrope walk between two cultures, she personally embodies deep compassion for those individuals struggling to sift through competing cultural and political landscapes in order to ultimately carve out life paths of their own.  Her commitment to helping individuals grow into who they were meant to become began in early 2000 when she began her research on the psychological effects of events (such as the HIV epidemic, Experiences of Parenthood, Effects of child abuse, Trauma of the War in Afghanistan, and the Arresting Effect of the Covid Pandemic) on the development of identity in cross-cultural populations. After publishing several scientific papers on these subjects, she knew she was on the verge of a breakthrough in therapeutic counseling.

Since then, Vjolca went on to specialize in Integrative Mental Health, a field that centers on developing real solutions to mental health struggles instead of utilizing the conventional methods of just treating symptoms related to the effects of those events such as pandemics and traumatic experiences. As Director of Mental Health Services for Total Wellness Clinic and one of their Licensed Mental Health Counselors, she teaches individuals in therapy how groundbreaking breathing techniques, the power of psychedelics, nature’s bounty of herbs, and the art of theta meditation can disrupt the negative lifestyle patterns in one’s life and empower an individual to take charge of a happier and healthier life experience–without the help of pharmaceuticals. Vjolca holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Florida International University and post Master’s training from both Harvard and Yale Universities in the fields of Change and Integrative Mental Health. She currently lives in Central Florida and when she isn’t trying to beat the universe at its game, she spends her free time jamming out on her electric guitar.

Nigel Wallace

Generation Peace

The next generation matters most to Nigel. He looks for ways to partner with those for the sake of peacemaking. Nigel’s day-to-day includes custom-made playlists, multiple cups of coffee, and the finest foods that he can find (and afford, ya know?). Creativity and communication keep him going, and he believes in using those two gifts to give back to others.

Katelynn Sigrist

Generation Peace

Katelynn is a recent graduate from the University of Arkansas and joined our team in 2020 after interning with Preemptive Love in Iraq! She loves spending time with her favorite people and her sweet puppy, while fighting for the more beautiful world we know is possible every day.