Child Education

Give choice for opportunity outside of refugee camp fences. Give connection to work through trauma.

At Sseko Designs, we try our best to provide educational opportunities for the youth so that they can grow to become impactful leaders in the future. This is why we’ve decided to fundraise for Preemptive Love and their mission to help refugee children receive tutoring lessons so that they’re able to work through trauma and grow to become impactful peacemakers.

Many refugee camp schools are overcrowded, and there are children who also feel overwhelmed trying to catch up with school work while traumatized by their wartime experience, so they drop out. That’s why Preemptive Love is working to provide these children with individual tutoring sessions to provide them with an opportunity to feel safe, normal, and a chance to work through their trauma and build a peaceful future.

Alongside Preemptive Love, we’re working to provide these refugee children with an opportunity to feel loved and valued. Will you join us to give hope to these children for a more peaceful future?

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