Empowering Women

Help support women who have a dream of providing their family with a peaceful future.

*Donations are processed in US Dollars. If you are donating with foreign currency, you can still donate you may just have to convert the amount you wish to donate to US Dollars.

Hi there! My name is Sally, and I help run various music ensembles in Crieff, Scotland with Sherbert Music. We have some amazing concerts coming up, and we decided to fundraise for our charity of choice alongside our concerts. We’ve decided to partner with Preemptive Love to help support women who want to start up their own business as a way to feed and provide for their families.

Preemptive Love is an international non-profit that brings together peacemakers passionate about bringing relief, jobs, and community to places where no one else will go. Our initial goal was to raise $800, which covers a grant for a woman to start up her own business so she can do work she’s passionate about while also providing for her family. Now that we have been able to raise at least $1000, we want to try and help more women start up their businesses!

Everybody at Sherbert Music and I would love if you would help us on our journey to give women the opportunity to have their own businesses and their family a chance at a more peaceful future. Will you join us in providing women with hope and empowerment?

$3,370 of $1,600 goal