Syrian Civil War

10 Years Later

Ten years of war. No end in sight.

Hopeless? Hardly.

We’re on the ground in Syria.

You can give food and medicine now. You can rebuild businesses and revitalize farms. You can help whole communities flourish again.

Stand with our Syrian friends. Join our community of peacemakers—give monthly to stop the spread of violence.

Syria, after 10 years of war:

  • More than half the population is displaced—nearly 12 million people.
  • US sanctions are crushing what’s left of the Syrian economy, as food prices spiral out of control.
  • Six in 10 Syrians are on the brink of hunger.

Our work in Syria:

  • We’re providing emergency food and medical care in Idlib, the latest hotspot in Syria’s civil war.
  • Our clinic near Damascus is treating thousands of patients each month.
  • We’re launching businesses to create new jobs and helping farmers bring their fields back to life after a decade of war.

Your love can stop violence in its tracks. Give today.

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