On Giving Tuesday, give opportunity for the most marginalized refugees on the US-Mexico border.

They’re fleeing unimaginable violence.

Refugee asylum seekers hoped to find safety in the US. But now they’re forced to wait in Mexico. Outside their shelters is the same violence they tried to escape—assault, kidnapping, murder.

They can’t go forward. They can’t go back. They can’t even leave their shelters to find work. So we are bringing opportunity to them. 

This #GivingTuesday, help launch a mobile tech bus to create jobs for refugees right where they are. They’ll gain vital tech skills and a chance to work.

They’ll also get virtual legal advice, and their children will have a safe place to play and learn while they work. 

No one should have to risk their life to provide for their family. With your help, our refugee friends can start building their future now. 

$30 = training & work for a day

$50 = 2 weeks of curriculum & materials

$100 = desks & chairs made by migrants

$1,500 = full training for one refugee

Your monthly gift will go even farther, investing in lasting change for refugees in Mexico.

More on the refugee crisis in Mexico

Who are these refugees at the border?
Most are from Central America, where they fled gang-related violence and poverty. Refugees from other countries are here as well—such as Cuba, Venezuela, and Cameroon.  Most asylum seekers arrive as a family, typically a parent accompanied by 1-2 children. 

What happens when they seek asylum?
Earlier this year, the US government changed its policy, forcing asylum seekers to remain in Mexico until called for their asylum hearing—which can take months or even years. 98% of them will be denied. They are truly stuck. They can’t go forward; they can’t go back.

Why invest in jobs if they don’t know how long they’ll be here? 
Refugees in Mexico have no idea when they’ll be able to move forward—or if they’ll be able to. Resources to help them are stretched past the breaking point. These families need a way to provide for themselves, especially while their future is uncertain.

Plus, when they are able to move on—whether it’s to the US, another part of Mexico, or somewhere different altogether—they’ll take the skills they’ve gained with them, and start building a new future.

How will the tech bus operate?
We’ve partnered with three shelters in Juarez to start. The tech bus will travel between shelters each day, so refugees don’t have to risk their safety to find work. On board, they’ll gain access to the following:

  • Tech training 
  • Realtime work opportunities 
  • Virtual legal advice
  • Community and connection with other refugees

At each shelter, we’ll also provide educational, therapeutic play for children—so parents can have peace of mind while they work. 

In the midst of danger, we can bring opportunity to the most marginalized refugees on the US-Mexico border.

Give now.


$128,105 of $130,000 goal