The More Beautiful World:

A Reflective Journey in Four Movements

2017 has been full of conflict. If your heart is weary, let’s find healing and direction together. Let’s pause. Breathe. Lament. Let’s look for all the ways that good broke into our world. And let’s resolve to walk into 2018 differently.

The More Beautiful World is a series of weekly audio reflections to help us do just that. Each week in December, we’ll share another 5-minute guided audio journey as we reflect on the year that was—and the year that can be.

There’s no “right” way to use these reflections. You can listen every day of the week, reflecting on something fresh each time. You can use them alone or with loved ones. You can listen as you run errands or with a pen and notebook in hand. If you pray, you can use them to guide your prayers.

Let’s end 2017 well, so we can launch with purpose into the new year ahead.

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Movement 1: Gratitude

Available now – listen to a preview…

Movement 2: Lament

Available now – listen to a preview…

Movement 3: Imagination

Coming December 16 – listen to a preview…

Movement 4: Hope

Coming December 23.