Child in Venezuela

Venezuela Crisis

Feed Starving children

Family in Venezuela

Children are hunting pigeons, with slingshots, to survive. 

While Americans are getting ready to enjoy Thanksgiving dinners, children in Venezuela are eating rats with wings. Two pigeons can feed one child, but on a good day, they only catch one that is split between their whole family.

How can a family survive off one small bird?

Fuel prices are so high, it is impossible for people to drive to stores. Even if they could, they wouldn’t be able to afford the food because the Venezuelan currency is dead. There’s nothing in the fridge or cupboards.

So we’re out on foot, walking for miles, delivering emergency food to stop starvation. And you can help. Just $15 feeds a family for a week.

And when you give monthly—you’ll provide food now and jobs to ensure a future free from hunger.