Reinventing Refugee Work

Create more jobs. Better jobs. More inclusive jobs.

Refugees don’t have equal chances to work. But you can change that.

WorkWell is their opportunity to expand their horizons and access to the digital marketplace. Our alumni go on to become consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and remarkable employees. 

In other words, we are reinventing the way refugees work. 

Our graduates are Iraq’s first digital workforce. We’re giving refugees the ability to work in machine learning and AI, with nothing but a smartphone. These workers are bold. They are fierce. They are changemakers. And you can invest in them today.

$1,500 sponsors a WorkWell student for 6 months of personalized training. 

Your donation will empower talented Syrians and Iraqis to reach a more prosperous future. Give today—and show our refugee friends they deserve a fighting chance. 

Hajer, one of our tech hub alumni, doing microwork using skills she learned at WorkWell
Professional Development Scholarship

Provide 6 months’ tuition for one refugee student. We offer small classrooms and one-on-one instruction with full English immersion. All our tech hubs are run and managed by local experts, role models, and leaders. 

Each a refugee student will learn high-demand skills like coding, graphic design, and accounting—skills that lead to jobs. 

WorkWell students learn high-demand skills like coding, graphic design, accounting, and more.
International Accreditation 

Help students gain international accreditation in certifications like the Cloud Practitioner Exam by Amazon Web Services. Certification allows workers to enter the global workforce by proving their competency at international standards. 

WorkWell graduates wait to receive their certificates in Mosul, a city recovering from years of war.
Tuition for Two Weeks  

Provide two weeks of tuition for one student. WorkWell tech hubs provide technical training, professional development, and one-on-one coaching for students affected by war and displacement. 

WorkWell instructors provide personalized coaching, equipping Iraq’s first digital workforce.
Internet Access for a Month   

Sponsor a student’s internet credit for a month, ensuring their access to remote learning and online work opportunities.

Unlock the future for Iraq’s digital workforce today.

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