Therapeutic Play Center for Children | Jan-Sep 2019

You understand the trauma that war delivers to all members of a family in conflict zones.

Some of the children who are recipients of the love you’ve shown have never known a time without war. They have never had the chance to play unfettered from the risk of falling bombs and flying bullets. Their playgrounds are airstrike zones. Thanks to you, hundreds of children monthly can go to the Friendly Center where kids have the chance to just be kids.

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Help & Hope at the Border | Jan-Sep 2019

Thank You For This Simple But Significant Act Of Love.

After having fled danger in their home countries and facing the threat of violence where they seek asylum, you are providing families with the utilities and healthy living conditions they need while they await news of their future.

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Growing Hope In Syria | Jan-Sep 2019

Agriculture in Rural Aleppo

You have helped create jobs for 500 farmers in rural Aleppo, allowing families to return to land that has belonged to them for centuries. Through traditional agriculture and mushroom farming, you’ve provided jobs and a new food source for approximately 3,000 people.

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