Aleppo: Your Story

As you know, Syria has experienced unimaginable violence in the last few years. The Result: 6.6 million people have been displaced. Families have either been forced into high-density camps where food and water are scarce or are living in unsafe, bombed-out piles of debris that used to be their homes. Few thought that returning home would be possible.

But you wanted to tell a different story. You showed up to help families fleeing from Aleppo find safety, shelter, food, water & medical care. And against all odds, families are returning to remake home right now!

Here’s a short recap of everything that’s happened since you first responded:

But the hard work doesn’t end here. In fact, it’s only beginning. Check out how you can be part of remaking home for families–both those living in Syria and those who have been displaced to Iraq in 2019 by watching the video below.