Zachary Toubman’s Marathon Fundraiser

Hi! My name is Zachary and I am fundraising leading up to my race in the Boston Marathon. I discovered Preemptive Love on Charity Navigator after searching for a charity supporting immigrants and refugees. I recently emigrated to England and it felt like it took a long time; it was very stressful, and it cost a small fortune. In going through that process as a middle-class white male, lucky enough to be born in the USA, I realized how grueling it must be to seek refuge in a foreign country when you come from nothing.

What’s more, I realized that in order to go through all of that, people must be running from much worse than nothing. They must be running from terrible and tragic situations. So, I’d like to raise money to help at least some of those people find better, safer, brighter futures. 


$0 of $10,000 goal