Announcing the Love Anyway Podcast!

A couple of years ago, we started asking: “What if we did a podcast?”

Could it be a way to peel back the curtain? To invite people on this peacemaking journey in a way that we just can’t through blogs or social media?

But each time we’d get excited about the possibilities—the true stories we could share—something urgent would come up. And off we’d go.

Well today, this is that “something urgent.”

We’re excited to introduce Love Anyway, our brand new storytelling podcast.

We are more polarized than ever. The loudest voices are telling us we should live in fear of “the other”—of refugees, Muslims, Middle Easterners, immigrants, those who pray differently than us or look different than us.

How can we respond?

By joining a different conversation. The Love Anyway podcast pushes beyond fear, beyond the simple narrative of “us versus them.” Travel with us as we explore how people are choosing to love, even when it means risking everything.

Season One of our podcast peels back the curtain of our peacemaking journey, here on the frontlines.

In our first episode, live today, we dive into the story of one of the hardest, darkest, most-terrifying nights in our 10-plus year history, the night our entire aid team was nearly killed doing this work. The night we were literally caught between an ISIS convoy and US airstrikes that mistook us for the enemy. You’ll hear from members of our team who nearly lost their lives that night.

But most of all, you’ll hear about how, even in the face of death, and in one case, even coming face-to-face with ISIS, we chose to love anyway.

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