Use Your Stimulus Check to Change the World

In a few weeks, most Americans will get a sizable stimulus check. Most families of four will receive $3,400.

What are you going to do with yours?

Maybe you have plans to save it. Maybe you have plans to spend it. Maybe you need it to get by in this unprecedented crisis.

But for those of you who don’t, who have enough: what if you used it to change the world?

For those of you who don’t need all of it: what if you used some of it to change the world?

Just 10% of your stimulus check, $340, will make an enormous difference in the lives of those most vulnerable to COVID-19 in Iraq and Syria, in Mexico, and on the Venezuela border.

10% of your stimulus check translates to:

  • Food for 22 quarantined refugee families
  • Essential medical care for 68 men, women, and children in war-torn areas
  • 17 smartphones for young adults so they can work and earn an income—even in quarantine.
  • 2 weeks salary for a pediatrician at one of our medical clinics

And with a new tax law, when you give up to $300 to a charity, you can claim an additional $300 on next year’s tax return, whether you itemize or not.

One donor recently told us, “You need my stimulus check more than I do. And I want to challenge others to give, as well.”

COVID-19 is not just an American crisis. More economies than just America’s are suffering. But many Americans are in a unique position to leverage their stimulus check to create change around the world.

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We are all connected. But we are not all equal in privilege and opportunity. Those most vulnerable, who have already lost so much through violence and war, they need our help. They need food. They need medical care. They need jobs to get them started, so they can provide for their families and rebuild their neighborhoods.

Just a small portion of your stimulus check can make an enormous difference in Syria, in Iraq, in Mexico, in Venezuela.

We belong to each other. Let’s live—and give—like we do.